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A bit about our history.

Clermont Festival Chorale History

Our History

The Clermont Chorale, started as the Clermont Festival Chorale, was founded in January 2006, with the mission of bringing choral music programs to the greater Clermont community. We also welcome the opportunity to expand our concert venue to Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

In late 2016, we dropped "Festival" from our name since we no longer use a festival format; but we are still proud to serve our home county as the only community chorus in Clermont.

Board of Trustees

The Clermont Festival Chorale is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Our trustees:
Beth Curtis, President
Peter Miller, Vice President
Linda Hill, Treasurer
Terry Neack, Librarian
Don Baker, Member
Andrea Brady, Member
Mark Camp, Member
Wendy Fend, Member
Steve Gorman, Member
Barbara Pettigrew, Memeber
Mary Jane Reynolds, Member

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